Software Development Methods and Tools: a New Zealand study


  • Chris Phillips
  • Elizabeth Kemp
  • Duncan Hedderley



New Zealand, software development, methods, tools


This study is a more detailed follow-up to a preliminary investigation of the practices of software engineers in New Zealand. The focus of this study is on the methods and tools used by software developers in their current organisation. The project involved detailed questionnaires being piloted and sent out to several hundred software developers. A central part of the research involved the identification of factors affecting the use and take-up of existing software development tools in the workplace. The full spectrum of tools from fully integrated I-CASE tools to individual software applications, such as drawing tools was investigated. This paper describes the project and presents the findings.




How to Cite

Phillips, C., Kemp, E., & Hedderley, D. (2005). Software Development Methods and Tools: a New Zealand study. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 12(2).