Beyond Normal Competencies: Understanding Organisation Designs to Develop and Sustain IT-Related Capabilities


  • Acklesh Prasad Queensland University of Technology
  • Peter Green University of Queensland
  • Jon Heales University of Queensland



Business value, sustainable IT-related capabilities, resource-based view, dynamic capabilities, instrument development


It is apparent that IT resources are important for organisations. It is also clear that organisations unique competencies, their IT-related capabilities, leverage the IT resources uniquely to create and sustain competitive advantage. However, IT resources are dynamic, and evolve at an exponential rate. This means that organisations will need to sustain their competencies to leverage opportunities offered by new IT resources. Research on ways to sustain IT-related capabilities is limited and a deeper understanding of this situation is important. Amongst other factors, a possible reason for this lack of progress in this area could be due to the lack of validated measurement items of the theoretical constructs to conduct such studies. We suggest an environment in which organisations could build new and sustain their existing IT-related capabilities. We then report on the development of valid and reliable measures for this environment. The validated measures would be useful in extending our understanding on how firms could sustain their IT-related capabilities. This effort will provide a deeper understanding of how firms can secure sustainable IT-related business value from their acquired IT resources.

Author Biographies

Acklesh Prasad, Queensland University of Technology


Peter Green, University of Queensland

Professor UQ Business School

Jon Heales, University of Queensland

Senior Lecturer UQ Business School




How to Cite

Prasad, A., Green, P., & Heales, J. (2013). Beyond Normal Competencies: Understanding Organisation Designs to Develop and Sustain IT-Related Capabilities. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 18(1).



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