Consensus Making in Requirements Negotiation: the communication perspective

  • Jenny Price
  • Jacob Cybulski
Keywords: requirements engineering, consensus, negotiation, model


When developing an Information System (IS), organizational goals of various stakeholders are commonly in direct conflict. Furthermore, individuals often rank their private objectives well over their management's directions. Recognising and reconciling all these diverse goals, and reaching agreement among the stakeholders, are prerequisite to establishing project cooperation and collaboration. This paper focuses, in particular, on the negotiation and consensus making during requirements elicitation - the earliest stages of the IS development process. As requirements elicitation involves rich communication between project stakeholders, we therefore explore negotiation and consensus making from the communication perspective. The resulting model assists our understanding of the communication factors that influence the consensus process during requirements negotiation.
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Price, J., & Cybulski, J. (2005). Consensus Making in Requirements Negotiation: the communication perspective. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 13(1).
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