The Role of IT Service Management in Green IT


  • Aileen Cater-Steel USQ
  • Wui-Gee Tan USQ



Green IS/IT, IT Infrastructure Library, ITIL, IT Service Management, sustainable computing


Societies and governments are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of the expanding use of IT equipment on the environment, especially in terms of energy efficiency, emission reduction and toxic waste. The objective of this article is to explore the relationship between IT Service Management (ITSM) and Green IT. To achieve this objective, results of a recent survey of IT Service Managers in Australia were analysed to gauge the extent of Green IT awareness and implementation. As well, the leading best practice framework for ITSM was evaluated to explore the depth and breadth of Green IT guidance provided in the ITIL resources. The results indicated that most of the IT Service Managers surveyed are aware of the importance of Green IT procurement, improving energy efficiency and controlling waste disposal, but not server consolidation. The extent to which Green IT policies and procedures have been implemented varied substantially across the 65 organisations surveyed. The analysis of the ITIL version 3 books clearly demonstrates that ITIL does provide guidance to support Green IT programs and confirms the view that Green IT and ITSM share common goals, such as operational efficiencies and metrics-based improvements. Recommendations are made to CIOs, IT Service Managers and ITIL authors to continue to raise awareness of how IT service management can contribute to environmental sustainability.

Author Biographies

Aileen Cater-Steel, USQ


Wui-Gee Tan, USQ

Senior Lecturerin School of Information Systems




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Cater-Steel, A., & Tan, W.-G. (2011). The Role of IT Service Management in Green IT. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 17(1).



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