The greening of organisational IT: what makes a difference?

  • Ben Kuo
  • Geoffrey Dick
Keywords: green IT, climate change


The trend towards green information technology (IT) over the last few years is a result of an acknowledgement of both the environmental impact of IT and the role IT plays as a potential source of solutions to environmental concerns. As organisations are under increasing pressures to act sustainably, environmental considerations are taking greater importance for organisations and the organisations’ information systems (IS) and IT. This paper introduces a model proposing competitive pressures, legitimation pressures, social responsibility pressures, organisational factors and technological constraints as factors which influence the extent of green IT in organisations. An online survey was developed and tested with IT practitioners. Regression analysis revealed that the extent of green IT in organisations is influenced by a combination of these factors. Foremost of the factors is the capability of the organisation to adapt. Other factors which account for differences in the extent of green IT in organisations include legitimation and social responsibility pressures. The regression indicated a good fit for the developed model, providing a basis for further research.
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Kuo, B., & Dick, G. (2010). The greening of organisational IT: what makes a difference?. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 16(2).
Research on ICT and Climate Change