Using Design as Boundary Spanner Object in Climate Change Mitigation Projects

Walter Fernandez, Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, Michael Djordjevic, Keith Lovegrove, Sasi Nayar


Climate change is a growing concern for society and the focus of numerous research initiatives across multiple fields of science. These initiatives often need to capitalize on the cross-specialized knowledge contributed by researchers from very different fields. The diversity of worldviews among key stakeholders requires an effective overall design strategy acting as a boundary spanner object. This study presents an account of the issues faced by a multidisciplinary research project and discusses the suitability of a design approach to help address issues such as equality, empowerment, autonomy, creativity, performance, reduction of innovation cycle times and also provide for the necessary balance between control, speediness and flexibility.


Empirical research; Climate change; mitigation; IS Design; Project Management; Multidisciplinary research and development projects

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