Web 2.0 Solutions to Wicked Climate Change Problems


  • Alanah Kazlauskas
  • Helen Hasan




climate change, ecosystems, complexity, Web 2.0


One of the most pressing ‘wicked problems’ facing humankind is climate change together with its many interrelated environmental concerns. The complexity of this set of problems can be overwhelming as there is such diversity among both the interpretations of the scientific evidence and the viability of possible solutions. Among the social technologies associated with the second generation of the Internet known as Web 2.0, there are tools that allow people to communicate, coordinate and collaborate in ways that reduce their carbon footprint and a potential to become part of the climate change solution. However the way forward is not obvious or easy as Web 2.0, while readily accepted in the chaotic social world, is often treated with suspicion in the more ordered world of business and government. This paper applies a holistic theoretical sense-making framework to research and practice on potential Web 2.0 solutions to climate change problems. The suite of issues, activities and tools involved are viewed as an ecosystem where all elements are dynamic and inter-related. Through such innovative thinking the Information Systems community can make a valuable contribution to a critical global problem and hence find a new relevance as part of the solution.




How to Cite

Kazlauskas, A., & Hasan, H. (2010). Web 2.0 Solutions to Wicked Climate Change Problems. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 16(2). https://doi.org/10.3127/ajis.v16i2.587



Research on ICT and Climate Change