Recognition as a Distinguishing Criterion of IS Journals




Australia, journal, journal ranking


The number of journals publishing information systems (IS) research has grown dramatically over the past few decades. This has resulted in an environment where authors have a wider choice of journals in which to place articles. Electronic journals are now as readily recognised by authorities as print journals. This paper provides firm evidence in support of the assertion that the number of journals publishing IS research has increased. The paper also examines the Australian context where the selection of a journal in which to place an article is influenced by recognition from the Department of Education Science and Training (DEST). In Australia, obtaining DEST recognition as a recognised research journal is not an onerous task, and yet a significant number of IS journals have not done this. Publishing in a DEST recognised journal is essential for Australian researchers to contribute to their organisation’s research quantum and hence research funding. Attention is drawn to an increasing number of IS journals not recognised by DEST, and consequent action is recommended.




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Lamp, J. W. (2006). Recognition as a Distinguishing Criterion of IS Journals. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 13(2).