Public and Private Sector IT Governance: Identifying Contextual Differences


  • John Campbell University of Canberra
  • Craig McDonald
  • Tsholofelo Sethibe



IT Governance, Public sector, private sector


This paper highlights systemic contextual differences and the unique IT Governance issues that might arise in public and private sector organizations. Public sector organizations constitute a significant component of economic activity in most countries. Like their private sector counterparts, many public sector agencies are struggling to cope with reduced or inadequate IT budgets and are continuously looking for ways to extract maximum value from IT resources. While both sectors face similar managerial-level IT issues and challenges, we argue that there are systemic differences between private and public sector organizations suggesting that a one size fits all approach to IT Governance may not apply.




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Campbell, J., McDonald, C., & Sethibe, T. (2010). Public and Private Sector IT Governance: Identifying Contextual Differences. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 16(2).