Penetration Testing Professional Ethics: a conceptual model and taxonomy


  • Justin Pierce
  • Ashley Jones
  • Matthew Warren



Penetration testing, computer security, computer ethics, ethics


In an environment where commercial software is continually patched to correct security flaws, penetration testing can provide organisations with a realistic assessment of their security posture. Penetration testing uses the same principles as criminal hackers to penetrate corporate networks and thereby verify the presence of software vulnerabilities. Network administrators can use the results of a penetration test to correct flaws and improve overall security. The use of hacking techniques, however, raises several ethical questions that centre on the integrity of the tester to maintain professional distance and uphold the profession. This paper discusses the ethics of penetration testing and presents our conceptual model and revised taxonomy.




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Pierce, J., Jones, A., & Warren, M. (2006). Penetration Testing Professional Ethics: a conceptual model and taxonomy. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 13(2).