ICT Integrity: bringing the ACS code of ethics up to date


  • Michael Bowern
  • Oliver Burmeister
  • Don Gotterbarn
  • John Weckert




Ethics, Codes of ethics, codes of conduct, codes of practice, ACS, IFIP, ICT ethics, professional societies, Australia


Over the last 20 years the ICT industry has seen many developments and changes, such as faster and smaller computers, many new digital devices, the convergence of this digital technology, the internet, and operational aspects such as outsourcing. Governments and professional societies have discussed the issues related to these changes in the media, yet the Australian Computer Society’s Code of Ethics has not changed. This paper discusses the need to change the ACS Code, the issues to be addressed, and procedures to be followed, if changes are to be made. These issues include, amongst others, the lack of specificity of the Code, and the absence of a way to decide between ethical principles which may conflict in some situations, and how to resolve such conflicts. With the focus on the Australian context, the ACS Code’s relationship with international standards and codification of ethics are considered, and the paper discusses what lessons can be learned from overseas experience in modifying codes. The paper concludes by outlining the next steps to bring the ACS Code up to date.




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Bowern, M., Burmeister, O., Gotterbarn, D., & Weckert, J. (2006). ICT Integrity: bringing the ACS code of ethics up to date. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 13(2). https://doi.org/10.3127/ajis.v13i2.50