A Study of Journal Publication Diversity within the Australian Information Systems Sphere

Carmine Sellitto


This study reports on research that examined DEST data from 14 Australian universities to identify the diversity of journal outlets in the information systems (IS) area. Across a total of 60 years of academic publishing output, 1449 journal articles were evaluated to identify 649 different journals in which IS-related articles were published. The most popular journals used by Australian academics to publish IS-related articles were the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (N=94) in the computer science area, with the Australasian Journal of Information Systems (N=25) being the most popular journal in the pure and business IS sphere. The study also examined publishing output against a set of 50 previously highly rated IS journals and concluded that the average annual publication of articles in these highly rated journals occurred at a very low rate. The research appears to be one of the first studies to use historical DEST data to report journal diversity in the Australian IS-sphere.


Academic Publication; Australia; DEST

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3127/ajis.v14i2.470

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