Cyclomatic Complexity: theme and variations

  • Brian Henderson-Sellers
  • Yagna Raj Pant
  • June M. Vemer
Keywords: McCabe Family, object oriented structures, inessential complexity, product complexity


Focussing on the "McCabe family" of measures for the decision/logic structure of a program, leads to an evaluation of extensions to modularization, nesting and, potentially, to object-oriented program structures. A comparison of rated, operating and essential complexities of programs suggests two new metrics: "inessential complexity" as a measure of unstructuredness and "product complexity" as a potential objective measure of structural complexity. Finally, nesting and abstraction levels are considered, especially as to how metrics from the "McCabe family" might be applied in an object-oriented systems development environment.
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Henderson-Sellers, B., Pant, Y. R., & Vemer, J. M. (1). Cyclomatic Complexity: theme and variations. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 1(1).
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