Information Systems Management: an Australian view of the key issues


  • Graham Pervan Curtin University of Technology, Perth, WA, Australia



information systems management, longitudinal study, Australia, Delphi, strategic planning, quality


Studies investigating the key issues in IS management serve to better understand the concerns of IS managers and help to guide IS researchers in choosing IS management problems worthy of investigation. This paper presents results from a study of the key issues facing the IS managers of Australia's largest 300 organisations which is part of a three-yearly longitudinal study. In order to gain consensus on the relative importance of the key issues, a three-round Delphi method was applied. The results reveal that IS strategic planning continues to be the paramount issue in our industry, as are many issues associated with IS strategic planning, including responsiveness of the IT infrastructure, effective use of the data resource, IS for competitive advantage, and a comprehensive information architecture. A greater emphasis on quality is also revealed in highly rated issues such as effective use of the data resource, data integrity and quality assurance, and the quality of software development.




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Pervan, G. (1994). Information Systems Management: an Australian view of the key issues. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 1(2).



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