Implementing Business Process Redesign: early lessons from the Australian experience

  • Marianne Broadbent
  • Carey Butler
Keywords: business process redesign, Australia, framework, executive sponsorship


Business Process Redesign (BPR) is a change management approach aimed at achieving quantum improvements in business performance. Industry interest levels in BPR are high as a direct result of current difficulties in the global economic climate and tight business conditions. Integral to BPR is the availability of new stable technologies which both stimulate and enable process changes. This paper highlights the experiences of a number of Australian firms which have implemented BPR. A ten step framework for BPR is presented together with a series of caveats. BPR is a difficult, messy and often non-linear activity which challenges many of the ways organisations operate. Information Technology plays a pivotal role in BPR as both an enabler and disenabler for change. Lessons emerging from early Australian experiences with BPR focus on the role of executive sponsorship, consultants, measurements, education and training, technology and people involved in the change process.
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Broadbent, M., & Butler, C. (1). Implementing Business Process Redesign: early lessons from the Australian experience. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 2(2).
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