Visual Navigation of Complex Information Spaces


  • Sarah North Clark Atlanta University, GA, USA
  • Max North Clark Atlanta University, GA, USA
  • Nazir Warsi Clark Atlanta University, GA, USA



visualisation, visual navigation, HCI


The authors lay the foundation for the introduction of visual navigation aid to assist computer users in direct manipulation of the complex information spaces. By exploring present research on scientific data visualisation and creating a case for improved information visualisation tools, they introduce the design of an improved information visualisation interface utilizing dynamic slider, called Visual-X, incorporating icons with bindable attributes (glyphs). Exploring the improvement that these data visualisations, make to a computing environment, the authors conduct an experiment to compare the performance of subjects who use traditional interfaces and Visual-X. Methodology is presented and conclusions reveal that the use of Visual-X appears to be a promising approach in providing users with a navigation tool that does not overload their cognitive processes.




How to Cite

North, S., North, M., & Warsi, N. (1995). Visual Navigation of Complex Information Spaces. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 3(1).



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