A Survey of Current e-Business (E-Government)

  • Don Vance Kerr Griffith University
  • Kay Bryant Griffith University
  • Nancy Tsai California State University
Keywords: Electronic Business, Current e-business practices, Internet, ecommerce


The Internet is a dynamic part of the business scene and there have been many examples of success and failures of e-commerce and e-business ventures. A survey was administered asking questions about industries understanding of current e-business (e-government) practices in Australia. The object of the survey was to provide a benchmark of current practice. The results of this survey could have a major impact on academic curricula. The survey was sent to 671 Australian Businesses and was addressed to the Chief Information Officer. Only twenty four usable questionnaires were returned and while it is accepted that this is a limited sample, disturbing trends have appeared with respect to the lack of strategic planning for information technology use particularly in medium sized businesses in Australia. In addition, relationships between key factors associated with the business objectives for their IT infrastructure and the benefits of the organisation’s Extranet, Intranet and Internet initiatives were identified.

Author Biographies

Don Vance Kerr, Griffith University
Senior Lecturer Department of Management
Kay Bryant, Griffith University
Senior Lecturer Department of Management
Nancy Tsai, California State University
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Kerr, D. V., Bryant, K., & Tsai, N. (2009). A Survey of Current e-Business (E-Government). Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 15(2). https://doi.org/10.3127/ajis.v15i2.353
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