Electronic Commerce publications and research in Australia: Implications of the Research Quality Framework


  • Helana Scheepers Monash University
  • Rens Scheepers The University of Melbourne
  • Julie Fisher Monash University




electronic commerce, publications, research, Australia, ecommerce


Australian universities and academics will soon see a major change in the way research is reported and funded. It is expected that by 2008, according to the most recent timetable (Bishop 2006), the Research Quality Framework (RQF) will be implemented. The result of the announcement has been an increased activity within universities focusing on the proposed criteria. The proposed RQF will seek to have research assessed according to quality and impact. Part of both quality and impact relates to where research is published. For academics it will be increasingly important to target high quality journals if the research is to be rated as high quality. The question this raises for Information Systems academics is where do we publish for maximum impact? The Information Systems (IS) field is diverse with researchers working in many areas and a publication outlet for one area may not be relevant for another. One area where many Australian IS researchers have focused their research interest is the field of electronic commerce (e-commerce). The research reported in this paper identified the publication outlets that would be regarded as amongst the highest quality for researchers wishing to publish e-commerce research. The authors analysed e-commerce research papers by Australian researchers published in the period 2000 to 2005. The results describe where Australian researchers are publishing in this field. The paper also provides guidance to those working in the e-commerce field on which journals and conferences to target to ensure their work rates highly in terms of the RQF.




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Scheepers, H., Scheepers, R., & Fisher, J. (2009). Electronic Commerce publications and research in Australia: Implications of the Research Quality Framework. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 15(2). https://doi.org/10.3127/ajis.v15i2.33



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