Applying Quality Costs in a Software Development Environment


  • I.P. Hollingsworth
  • W. Keogh
  • M.H. Atkins



quality, software development, model


This paper shows how Quality Costs can be a measure of software quality. The relationship between Quality Costs and other software quality metrics is briefly explained, and software development oriented versions of the two principal Quality Cost models are described. Finally the paper discusses the major issues involved in setting up a software Quality Cost programme. The concepts are based on previous research on Quality Costs in manufacturing, coupled with work on software metrics and the work currently being undertaken by the authors in a number of industries.


How to Cite

Hollingsworth, I., Keogh, W., & Atkins, M. (1999). Applying Quality Costs in a Software Development Environment. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 6(2).