Automating Requirements Refinement with Cross-Domain Requirements Classification


  • Jacob Cybulski
  • Karl Reed



requirement engineering, reuse, cross-domain, Reuse Assisted Requirements Engineering


Introduction of software reuse into the development process significantly alters the life-cycle model, and has a tremendous impact on all of its software development phases. This also includes the phase of requirements engineering, its activities and the tools used in the process. To deal with the consequences of incorporating reuse in the early phases of software development, we suggest the use of a special process model, capable of simultaneously meeting the goals of software reuse and the goals of requirements engineering. The RARE (Reuse Assisted Requirements Engineering) method proposes such a model. RARE places a particular emphasis on two aspects of requirements processing, i.e. requirements classification and domain mapping. Both of these aspects are especially helpful in the automation of requirements refinement into reusable designs.


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Cybulski, J., & Reed, K. (1999). Automating Requirements Refinement with Cross-Domain Requirements Classification. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 6(2).