Towards the Proper Integration of Extra-Functional Requirements


  • Elke Hochmuller



requirement engineering, integration, non-functional, framework


In spite of the many achievements in software engineering, proper treatment of extra-functional requirements (also known as non-functional requirements) within the software development process is still a challenge to our discipline. The application of functionality-biased software development methodologies can lead to major contradictions in the joint modelling of functional and extra-functional requirements. Based on a thorough discussion on the nature of extra-functional requirements as well as on open issues in coping with them, this paper emphasizes the role of extra-functional requirements in the software development process. Particularly, a framework supporting the explicit integration of extra functional requirements into a conventional phase-driven process model is proposed and outlined.


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Hochmuller, E. (1999). Towards the Proper Integration of Extra-Functional Requirements. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 6(2).