Towards Using Value Tensions to Reframe the Value of Data Beyond Market-based Online Social Norms


  • Anisha Fernando SAIBT, University of South Australia | Kathleen Lumley College
  • Dr Lesa Scholl Kathleen Lumley College



Value Tensions, Data Ethics, Value Sensitive Design, Social Values, Market Values, Online Social Norms, Data flows, Data literacy


Making sense of data, its value and impact is imperative for individuals, organisations and societies to function in the cyber age. The online interactions through which data flows present many benefits. However, the consumption of data and its value is problematic due to an overreliance on market norms as a substitute for values-based online social norms and practices, creating value tensions. Understanding the implications of data is further complicated due to the complex contextual nature of online interactions. These challenges are addressed through efforts from technology organisations and policy initiatives. Largely absent from these efforts is an understanding of the values needed to ground healthy online social interactions, and processes that nurture and afford the practice of these values in contextual community settings. Value tensions as an ethics tool can surface and clarify these interpersonal needs in understanding data and its impact. Communities may be appropriately placed to grapple with these value tensions given the contextual nature of interactions. This discussion paper presents a preliminary research agenda raising questions on uncovering value tensions and understanding the values at stake to transform data practices and develop healthy online social norms, to reframe the value of data beyond market-based online social norms.




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Fernando, A., & Scholl , L. (2020). Towards Using Value Tensions to Reframe the Value of Data Beyond Market-based Online Social Norms . Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 24.



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