Employee Perception of the Impact of Information Technology Investment in Organisations: a survey of the hotel industry

Bruce Lo, Cede Sri Darma


To improve their operational efficiency and to maintain their competitiveness in the market place many organisations continue to invest substantially in their Information Technology (IT) capability. But how do the employees themselves view the impact and the value of IT investment? This paper considers this question in the context of the hospitality industry. More specifically, it investigates the different perception of hotel employees on the impact of organisational IT investment on (a) IT usage by employees, (b) employee satisfaction with the IT systems, (c) changes in the level of employee performance, and (d) organisational performance of the hotel.
945 hotel employees in Bali, Indonesia were surveyed to assess their perception of the organisational impact of IT. Factor analysis, analysis of variance and regression analysis were performed on the data to examine the' range of employee viewpoints. Results showed that there were significant differences among the employees' perception with respect to age, educational level, position in the hotel, and individual income. These findings suggest that even senior management may regard the investment in IT is worthwhile, there may be a divergence of opinion among the employees as to what are the real benefits of IT. In order to fully leverage the potential of their IT investment, managers should pay particular attention to shaping the views of the employees who ultimately determine whether the IT capabilities in an organisation are put to use.


user; perception; impact; hospitality; Bali; Indonesia; survey; quantitative

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3127/ajis.v7i2.275

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