Understanding Quality in Process Modelling: Towards a Holistic Perspective

  • Jan Recker Queensland University of Technology
Keywords: business process modelling, model quality, methodology


Quality is one of the main topics in current conceptual modelling research, as is the field of business process modelling. Yet, widely acknowledged academic contributions towards an understanding or measurement of business process model quality are limited at best. In this paper I argue that the development of methodical theories concerning the measurement or establishment of process model quality must be preceded by methodological elaborations on business process modelling. I further argue that existing epistemological foundations of process modelling are insufficient for describing all extrinsic and intrinsic traits of model quality. This in turn has led to a lack of holistic understanding of process modelling. Taking into account the inherent social and purpose-oriented character of process modelling in contemporary organizations I present a socio-pragmatic constructionist methodology of business process modelling and sketch out implications of this perspective towards an understanding of process model quality. I anticipate that, based on this research, theories can be developed that facilitate the evaluation of the ’goodness’ of a business process model.
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Recker, J. (2007). Understanding Quality in Process Modelling: Towards a Holistic Perspective. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 14(2). https://doi.org/10.3127/ajis.v14i2.23