Collaborative Modelling and Visualization of Business Ecosystems

Insights from two Action Design Research Case Studies




Business Ecosystem, Collaborative Modelling, Ecosystem Visualization, Case Study, Action Design Research


Business ecosystems are increasingly gaining relevance in research and practice. Because ecosystems progressively change, enterprises are required to analyse their ecosystem, in order to identify and respond to such changes. For gaining a comprehensive picture of the ecosystem, various enterprise stakeholders need to be involved in the analysis process. We use an Action Design Research approach to implement a collaborative process for modelling and visualizing business ecosystems in two case studies. We look at the challenges of the collaborative process and study how a model-driven approach addresses these challenges. We validate and discuss the modelling process along six steps; definition of the business ecosystem focus, model instantiation, data collection, provision of tailored visualizations, model adaption, and using visualizations ‘to tell a story’. In a cross-case analysis, we draw conclusions with respect to process implementation and the role of visualizations.




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Faber, A., Hernandez-Mendez, A., Rehm, S.-V., & Matthes, F. (2020). Collaborative Modelling and Visualization of Business Ecosystems: Insights from two Action Design Research Case Studies. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 24.



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