Dynamic Immersive Visualisation Environments: Enhancing Pedagogical Techniques

Max M. North, Sarah M North


As the speed of technical and scientific innovation accelerates past the speed at which humans can learn, the need for innovative pedagogical environments and techniques, such as immersive visualization environments, becomes essential and apparent. The primary purpose of this research is to explore the effectiveness immersive visualization environments may provide in combination with rich resources available on the Internet. An immersive visualization environment was designed and developed, and then an experimental research model was considered and conducted accordingly. Collected data were subjected to appropriate statistical analysis. The results showed a statistically significant difference in pedagogical outcomes when using an immersive visualization environment compared with traditional educational techniques. Immersive visualization environment models and experiments showed significant improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of pedagogical techniques, enhancing the learning and teaching of abstract and complex computing concepts.


Immersive; Visualization; Immersive Visualization Environment; Immersion; Virtual Environments; Pedagogy Techniques

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