An Integrated Effectiveness Framework of Mobile In-App Advertising




Mobile advertising, Mobile apps, Effectiveness


Advertising in mobile apps has recently become one of the most popular advertising channels for businesses when its annual revenue has rapidly increased year over year. On this kind of advertising, the app publishers do not only play a critical role in the ad serving process but also receive a significant portion of the advertising revenue. Their goal of maximizing the revenue sometimes contradict with those of the advertisers. This research conceptualises the role of publishers and proposes an integrated effectiveness framework to further improve the effectiveness of mobile in-app advertising not for one but all participants involved. In specific, this research explores the factors being controlled by publishers and evaluates their impact on the common outcome metric of mobile in-app advertising. An application of the proposed effectiveness framework might help to increase the global mobile in-app advertising revenue significantly higher by balancing the benefits of all participants.

Author Biography

Vinh Nguyen Xuan Truong, RMIT University

The researcher is a Ph.D. candidate at RMIT University, majoring in IT Business and Management. Mr. Vinh has spent nearly 20 years working in IT Business and Management. Mr. Vinh received his undergraduate degree in IT from the University of Adelaide, Australia, in 2000, and received his postgraduate degree in Applied Information Technology from Goteborg University, Sweden, in 2007. Mr. Vinh is a member of the IEEE. His research interests include mobile advertising and cloud computing.




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Truong, V. N. X., Nkhoma, M., & Pansuwong, W. (2019). An Integrated Effectiveness Framework of Mobile In-App Advertising. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 23.



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