The Alignment of Business and Information Technology Strategy in Australia


  • Jovita Gartlan
  • Graeme Shanks



alignment, information technology strategy, business strategy


The alignment of business and information technology strategy has long been recognised as a key issue for managers and has grown in importance as IT has become strategically significant. Previous studies have noted the elusiveness of alignment of business and information technology strategy and identified a number of factors that promote alignment. This study builds on previous work and categorises the factors as either people, process or organisational. A cross industry survey of Australian organisations is then used to determine the perceived benefits of alignment and the perceived importance of each factor and how successful it was in promoting alignment. The findings of the study show that Australian organisations perceive that alignment is important and can bring considerable benefits. Furthermore the study highlights the relative importance of the factors and indicates where organisations should focus their attention in order to successfully achieve alignment.

Author Biographies

Jovita Gartlan

Jovita Gartlan is a Strategy & Operations Consultant with Deloitte and a Masters of Business Systems student with Monash University. With Deloitte Jovita has worked for a wide range of high profile clients providing advisory consulting services. Her recent projects include M&A services, market entry strategy development, labour productivity review, operating model reviews, business transformation, business roadmap development, cost analysis and forecasting and detailed process reengineering. Jovita has completed a Bachelor of International Trade and a Bachelor of Business Management at Monash University and was awarded a Monash Travel Grant to study Business Mandarin in Shanghai, China. Jovita has a keen interest in Australian academic research that addresses key business issues and provides fact based evidence for the business world.

Graeme Shanks

Graeme Shanks is a Professorial Fellow in the Department of Information Systems at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He has also held academic positions at Monash University and Chisholm Institute of Technology. Before becoming an academic, Graeme worked for a number of private and government organizations as a programmer, systems analysts and project leader. His teaching and research interests include information quality, conceptual modelling, identity management, implementation and impact of enterprise systems, and decision support systems. Graeme has published the results of his research in over 100 refereed journal and conference papers. He is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Data Warehousing, the Journal of Database Management, the International Journal of Data Warehousing and Mining and the Journal of Knowledge Management Research and Practice.




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Gartlan, J., & Shanks, G. (2007). The Alignment of Business and Information Technology Strategy in Australia. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 14(2).