A Design Construct of Developing Approaches to Measure Mental Health Conditions

Md Rafiqul Islam, Shah Jahan Miah, Abu Raihan M. Kamal, Oliver Burmeister


Mental health is an important determinant of communities’ well-being, influenced not only by individual attributes, but also by social and organisational environments in which people work and live. Despite studies examining mental health status among specific populations, few attempts are evident that focus on solution designs for detecting and measuring impact of mental health conditions. In this study, we develop a construct utilising design science research principles for outlining common vocabulary around the problem, and solution design relevant to a mental health management system. For the case of IT professionals, the developed construct is informed through a social-media based dataset containing more than 65,000 cells and 100 attributes potentially identifying influencing factors. Machine learning techniques are applied to the dataset to discover new findings for this specific group. It is anticipated that the analysis reported in this study would contribute in developing other electronic health management systems both for communities and healthcare professionals.


healthcare IS; design research; mental disorder; diagnosis; occupational stress; ICT professionals

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