Talent Attraction through Online Recruitment Websites: Application of Web 2.0 Technologies

Pratyush Banerjee, Ritu Gupta


Talent attraction is one of the major challenges for HR managers. With the rise of online recruitment channels, the number of applicants for a given job vacancy have increased substantially. In addition, the time taken in finding the right talent from the huge pool of applications has increased significantly, adding up to the hiring cycle. In today’s competitive labour market, employers need to highlight their brand image to prospective job-seekers, so that there is higher chance of recruiting the best talent that fits their manpower requirement. In this paper, an attempt is made in investigating that to what extent web 2.0 technologies such as podcasts, blogs and online employee testimonials may enhance the employer's brand value in the eyes of employed professionals. A multi-group moderated mediation analysis is conducted with 361 working professionals who are active online recruitment platform users. The analysis helps establish the effect of the perceived quality and credibility of career websites on job-seekers’ perception about the employer and on their subsequent application intention. The findings reveal positive effect of video podcasts and realistic employee testimonials presented through third party blogs on job-seekers’ perceived quality and credibility of the job advertisement. This phenomenon is reflected in their heightened attraction for the employer and eventual intention to apply for jobs at the firm.


E-recruitment; RJP; Blog; Employer Branding; Intention to Apply

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