Small Firm Internet Adoption: a market oriented approach

  • Colin Jones
  • Rob Hecker
  • Peter Holland
Keywords: SME, adoption, ecommerce, WWW, empirical, diffusion, model


Fundamental to the development of new customer value offerings via web-based commerce is a small firm’s ability to strategically acquire and exploit knowledge. The focus of this paper is the empirical testing of a normative web-based commerce adoption model developed from a review of the extant literature related to electronic marketing, the Internet and the diffusion of new innovations. A preliminary test of the model’s theoretical contentions lent support to its overall focus, but found that the firm’s existing learning capabilities were diminished during the adoption of web-based commerce. Consequently, sub-optimal adoption outcomes were associated with insufficient knowledge development.
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Jones, C., Hecker, R., & Holland, P. (1). Small Firm Internet Adoption: a market oriented approach. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 10(1).
Research on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises