Revisiting Technology Resistance: Current Insights and Future Directions

  • Bahae Samhan Illinois State University
Keywords: Technology resistance, Concept, Current insights, Future directions


Nuance conceptualization of technology resistance is needed due to the different conceptualizations that exist in the extant literature. This paper calls for information systems (IS) researchers to begin exploring technology resistance using novel perspectives. The paper also provides a guideline for conceptualizing technology resistance away from the common existing conceptualization that is shaped through theories of adoption and resistance-to-change. The goal is to encourage future research to conceptualize technology resistance beyond the typical findings available in the literature and provide more insights in light of the provided arguments and suggestions.

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Samhan, B. (2018). Revisiting Technology Resistance: Current Insights and Future Directions. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 22.
Research Notes on revisiting concepts and theories in IS