Simplifying Sensemaking: Concept, Process, Strengths, Shortcomings, and Ways Forward for Information Systems in Contemporary Business Environments

Morteza Namvar, Jacob L. Cybulski, Cynthia Su Chen Phang, Yaw Seng Ee, Kevin Tee Liang Tan


Sensemaking is a popular and useful organizational behavior concept that is gaining visibility in the field of information systems. However, it remains relatively unknown compared to more established information systems concepts like technology acceptance and resistance. To enhance and propel greater use of sensemaking in information systems, this article offers a systematic explanation of sensemaking, specifically focusing on its concept, process, strengths, and shortcomings, as well as discussing ways forward for information systems in contemporary business environments.


Sensemaking; Decision making; Information systems; Concept; Process; Strengths; Limitations; Future research directions

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