The State of IS in Australian Universities – New South Wales Report

  • Jim Underwood University of Technology, Sydney
  • Ernie Jordan Macquarie University, Sydney
Keywords: discipline, Australia, university, New South Wales


This paper, examining Information Systems in New South Wales universities, highlights the significance of New South Wales as the most populous state in Australia. Rather than offering a comprehensive coverage of all Information Systems courses in the state, the paper gives a broad overview of Information Systems in the state’s universities while seeking to highlight the distinctive characteristics of some of the universities, deemed to have particular significance in the state. The view portrayed is of an environment threatening the continuing existence of Information Systems in some of the state’s universities. Again, the state of Information Systems research in the state’s universities is characterised by diversity and limited collaboration.
How to Cite
Underwood, J., & Jordan, E. (2006). The State of IS in Australian Universities – New South Wales Report. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 14(1).