The Extent to Which Information Communication Technology Careers Fulfil the Career Ideals of Girls

Judy Young


The aim of this research is to make a contribution to knowledge in relation to women as a minority group in the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) industry. The research presented in this paper represents a minor component of a much larger research project conducted under the auspices of Women in IT Tasmania (WIITT) and supported by funding from the Intelligent Island. The focus of the current research is on Year Nine students throughout Tasmania. It will involve a detailed examination of the results in relation to the perceptions of Year Nine girls and boys in relation to the career characteristics of their ideal careers and their views of careers in ICT. The objective is to identify areas that need to be specifically promoted to girls to attract them to careers in ICT. In addition existing research has shown that parents and relatives have a considerable influence on girls when they are making a career choice. This can mean that if the information girls obtain from this advice is inaccurate or out of date, then many could reject a career in ICT as a viable career option. Accordingly a secondary objective is to consider the means by which such information can be most effectively distributed.


gender; career; Tasmania; Australia

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