Topic-based Social Influence Measurement for Social Networks

  • Asso Hamzehei CSE, UNSW Data61, CSIRO
  • Shanqing Jiang CSE, UNSW
  • Danai Koutra University of Michigan, USA
  • Raymond Wong CSE, UNSW
  • Fang Chen Data61, CSIRO CSE, UNSW
Keywords: Topic-based social influence, Social networks analysis, influence measurement,


Social science studies have acknowledged that the social influence of individuals is not identical. Social networks structure and shared text can reveal immense information about users, their interests, and topic-based influence. Although some studies have considered measuring user influence, less has been on measuring and estimating topic-based user influence. In this paper, we propose an approach that incorporates network structure, user-generated content for topic-based influence measurement, and user’s interactions in the network. We perform experimental analysis on Twitter data and show that our proposed approach can effectively measure topic-based user influence.

Author Biographies

Asso Hamzehei, CSE, UNSW Data61, CSIRO
PhD Candidate
Shanqing Jiang, CSE, UNSW
Masters student
Danai Koutra, University of Michigan, USA
Professor in Computer Science
Raymond Wong, CSE, UNSW
Professor in Computer Science
Fang Chen, Data61, CSIRO CSE, UNSW
Professor in Computer Science
How to Cite
Hamzehei, A., Jiang, S., Koutra, D., Wong, R., & Chen, F. (2017). Topic-based Social Influence Measurement for Social Networks. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 21.
Selected Papers from the Australasian Conference on Data Mining (AusDM)