Market Makers' Recognition of Key Success Factors in Electronic Marketplaces

  • Rosemary Stockdale
  • Craig Standing
Keywords: success factors, ecommerce, security, infrastructure


This study examines the recognition and use of critical success factors by market makers in electronic marketplaces. A content analysis of e-marketplace websites enabled an examination of how these factors have been incorporated into marketplace sites. Evidence of market makers’ awareness of the success factors was found in all the sites although there remain questions and issues to be addressed. Awareness of the need for critical mass and privacy were very evident, but the key factors of security, technological infrastructure and neutrality were identified as areas of concern. Evidence of an awareness of the importance of trust by market makers was found, but more effective signalling of trust to buyers and sellers within the marketplaces is required.
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Stockdale, R., & Standing, C. (1). Market Makers’ Recognition of Key Success Factors in Electronic Marketplaces. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 10(2).
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