Organisational Information Security Strategy: Review, Discussion and Future Research

Craig A. Horne, Sean B. Maynard, Atif Ahmad


Dependence on information, including for some of the world’s largest organisations such as governments and multi-national corporations, has grown rapidly in recent years. However, reports of information security breaches and their associated consequences indicate that attacks are escalating on organisations conducting these information-based activities. Organisations need to formulate strategy to secure their information, however gaps exist in knowledge. Through a thematic review of academic security literature, (1) we analyse the antecedent conditions that motivate the adoption of a comprehensive information security strategy, (2) the conceptual elements of strategy and (3) the benefits that are enjoyed post-adoption. Our contributions include a definition of information security strategy that moves from an internally-focussed protection of information towards a strategic view that considers the organisation, its resources and capabilities, and its external environment. Our findings are then used to suggest future research directions.


Information security strategy; organisational strategy; security quality; strategic information systems; business management

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