A Critical Analysis of the Knowledge Creation Process

  • Stephen Probert
Keywords: knowledge creation, critical analysis, philosophy, Foucault


The topic of knowledge creation (Nonaka and Takeuchi, 1995) will be analysed from a philosophical perspective. To begin with, the key motivations behind the discourse of knowledge creation and management are briefly discussed. The contemporary distinction between tacit and explicit knowledge is then explored. Following this, the work of Lyotard on knowledge in a (post)modern economy will be summarised. The paper then explores how some of the work by Foucault and Adorno may provide a new direction for developing research approaches in this area.
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Probert, S. (1). A Critical Analysis of the Knowledge Creation Process. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 11(1). https://doi.org/10.3127/ajis.v11i1.136