Shared Visualizations in Support of Distributed Creative Communities

  • Alastair Weakley
  • Ernest Edmonds
Keywords: visualisation, knowledge workers, design, graphical representation, tacit knowledge


The paper is concerned with support for distributed groups of creative knowledge workers: in this case designers. We consider requirements that designers have regarding internalisation and externalisation of ideas and concepts as well as requirements relating to collaboration. We review an online system whose facilities for the graphical representation of data were found to be popular. The evaluation was in the context of a group task and the results, including instances of tacit knowledge sharing, have led us to formulate a number of recommendations as to how such systems might be made still more effective for collaborative working.
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Weakley, A., & Edmonds, E. (1). Shared Visualizations in Support of Distributed Creative Communities. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 11(2).
Selected Papers from the Australian Conf on Human Computer Interaction (OZCHI)