A business analytics capability framework


  • Ranko Cosic The University of Melbourne
  • Graeme Shanks The University of Melbourne
  • Sean B Maynard University of Melbourne




Business Analytics, Resource-Based View, Thematic Content Analysis, Business Analytics Capability Framework, Delphi Study.


Business analytics (BA) capabilities can potentially provide value and lead to better organisational performance. This paper develops a holistic, theoretically-grounded and practically relevant business analytics capability framework (BACF) that specifies, defines and ranks the capabilities that constitute an organisational BA initiative. The BACF was developed in two phases. First, an a priori conceptual framework was developed based on the Resource-Based View theory of the firm and a thematic content analysis of the BA literature. Second, the conceptual framework was further developed and refined using a three round Delphi study involving 16 BA experts. Changes from the Delphi study resulted in a refined and confirmed framework including detailed capability definitions, together with a ranking of the capabilities based on importance. The BACF will help academic researchers and industry practitioners to better understand the capabilities that constitute an organisational BA initiative and their relative importance. In future work, the capabilities in the BACF will be operationalised to measure their as-is status, thus enabling organisations to identify key areas of strength and weakness and prioritise future capability improvement efforts.




How to Cite

Cosic, R., Shanks, G., & Maynard, S. B. (2015). A business analytics capability framework. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 19. https://doi.org/10.3127/ajis.v19i0.1150



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