Securing XML Documents

  • Charles Shoniregun
  • Oleksandr Logvynovskiy
  • Oleksandr Logvynovskiy
Keywords: XML, WWW, classification


XML (extensible markup language) is becoming the current standard for establishing interoperability on the Web. XML data are self-descriptive and syntax-extensible; this makes it very suitable for representation and exchange of semi-structured data, and allows users to define new elements for their specific applications. As a result, the number of documents incorporating this standard is continuously increasing over the Web. The processing of XML documents may require a traversal of all document structure and therefore, the cost could be very high. A strong demand for a means of efficient and effective XML processing has posed a new challenge for the database world. This paper discusses a fast and efficient indexing technique for XML documents, and introduces the XML graph numbering scheme. It can be used for indexing and securing graph structure of XML documents. This technique provides an efficient method to speed up XML data processing. Furthermore, the paper explores the classification of existing methods impact of query processing, and indexing.
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Shoniregun, C., Logvynovskiy, O., & Logvynovskiy, O. (1). Securing XML Documents. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 12(1).
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