A Pilot Study of Small Business's Perception of Vendor Services: are these associated with small business IT educational requirements

R.C. MacGregor, D.J. Bunker, J.K. Pierson, K.A. Forcht


Despite the extensive use of microcomputers in the small business environment, little research has been applied to the training needs of those small businesses. This study examines the computer related training needs of 131 small businesses and the factors which appear to impinge upon those needs. In particular the paper examines whether satisfaction with vendor provided services (both pre and post sales) are associated specific educational requirements in small business. The results suggest that there a need for the development of a university/college IT training program directed specifically towards small business. These programs should avoid the more technical aspects of IT and concentrate on areas which involve the analysis and use of software in the small business. The results further show that a number of vendor provided services appear to be associated with the rating of importance of potential curricular inclusions in IT training programs.


SME; perception; training needs; education

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3127/ajis.v5i1.349

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