Unveiling the Black Markets of Pooled Assets

Shailesh Palekar, Maura Atapattu, Darshana Sedera


Presence of black markets is not common for every industry but is a unique phenomenon in the industries such as asset pooling and leasing services. The unique business models and the asset flows that we see in such industries are susceptible for such threats and reveals the nature and extent of extent of industry-specific threats. This paper employs agility lens (Overby et al. 2006; Roberts and Grover 2012) to understand how such firms could address the issue of black market threats with the help of network structure. Through a case study of a global asset pooling and leasing company, we reveal the criticality of network structures, the difficulties, inadequacies and impracticalities of current tracking technologies that challenge firms in minimizing such threats.


Black markets; Network structures; asset pooling; impact of IT; responding

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3127/ajis.v19i0.1016

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