The Australasian Journal of Information Systems (AJIS) has just published four new articles in its regular Research Article section of its volume 26:


Factor structures associated with online student engagement in campus-based blended and online distance education settings

Graeme Pye, Dale Holt, Scott Salzmann

Turnover in Japanese IT Professionals: Antecedents and Nuances

Alexander Serenko, Hiroshi Sasaki, Prashant Palvia, Osam Sato

Errors, Irregularities, and Misdirection: Cue Utilisation and Cognitive Reflection in the Diagnosis of Phishing Emails

Mitchell Ackerley, Ben W. Morrison, Kate Ingrey, Mark W. Wiggins, Piers Bayl-Smith, Natalie M. V. Morrison

Opportunities, ethical challenges, and value implications of pervasive sensing technology for supporting older adults in the work environment

Christiane Grünloh, Miriam Cabrita, Carina Dantas, Sofia Ortet