Factor Structure of Individual Consequences for Teleworking Professionals

John Campbell, Jon Heales


Despite the increasing popularity of telework, little is known about individual outcomes that arise particularly for teleworking professionals. We build on earlier research by examining the conceptual constructs of individual consequences from telework. We initially categorized consequences identified in the extant literature into five areas. However, this model was not supported by confirmatory factor analysis of survey data collected from 250 teleworking accounting professionals. Subsequent exploratory factor analysis revealed a more complex six-factor structure relating to (1) Effectiveness; (2) Self-assurance; (3) Working with Others; (4) Work Pressure; (5) Professional Image; and (6) Physicality. The results extend our understanding of latent constructs underlying telework by professional knowledge workers, and provide a basis for further refinement of our model based on empirical research and theoretical development.


telework; individual consequences; structural analysis

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3127/ajis.v20i0.906

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