The Role of E-Mail in an Industrial Dispute

Nava Pliskin, Celia Romm


The purpose of this paper is to show, based on a case study, how electronic communication networks have affected the process of a large scale industrial dispute. The case study describes a two-and-a-half month long strike of academic staff members at all universities in Israel. During the strike, electronic mail (e-mail) was used as a major means of communication between faculty members. Sources of data for this paper were mass media reports, including reports from national radio, TV, and newspapers, participant observations, and messages that flowed on the e-mailing list throughout the lengthy strike. Analysis of the data from the various sources suggests that the e-mailing list was instrumental in enabling the strikers to succeed in what was presumed to be a hopeless battle. The paper is concluded with a discussion of the lessons to be drawn from this case for e-mail research and practice


email; industrial dispute; case study; Israel

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