A review of studies on information systems and SMEs in high ranked IS journals (2000-2014)

Craig M. Parker, Stephen Burgess, Nabeel Al-Qirim


This paper identifies novel approaches to future small and medium enterprise (SME) research from a review of articles, and then introduces the papers in this AJIS special section which evidence these approaches. More specifically, the paper makes an important contribution by reviewing 61 articles in high ranked IS journals (2000-2014) and introducing three new facets which are used to analyse research on SME adoption/use of IS (units of analysis, SME sizes and SME types) not considered in previous literature review studies. These facets provide the basis for proposing various future research opportunities. The editorial then introduces the four papers in this special section covering the research theme on SMEs, and highlights the contributions they make using the three facets.


Information systems; small and medium enterprises (SMEs); units of analysis; literature review; high quality journals; SME sizes; SME types

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3127/ajis.v19i0.1219

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