Community Sector Organisations: a digital divide in communication and knowledge creation?

Tom Denison


In 2002, the Centre for Community Networking commenced a research programme aimed at improving the understanding of the use of communications and information technology (ICT) by community and third sector organisations within Australia. The immediate goal of this research was the creation of the Monash Community ICT Index. This paper represents the first attempt to provide a more in-depth analysis of the data obtained in that survey, setting the results in the context of research undertaken by Zook (2001), Castells (2001) and Adamic (2001), who consider that not only is the Internet a natural fit with “winner-take-all” markets but reinforces existing patterns of geographic centralisation in the information society and economy. It will pay particular attention to factors such as the location and size of organisations, and whether there is any support for the notion of a digital divide in the social communications networks and creators of knowledge within the Australian community sector.


community sector; digital divide; Australia; survey

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