AJIS Article Release: A Process Model for Establishing Business Process Crowdsourcing

Thuan, N., Antunes, P., & Johnstone, D. (2017). A Process Model for Establishing Business Process Crowdsourcing. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 21. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.3127/ajis.v21i0.1392

Crowdsourcing can be an organisational strategy to distribute work to Internet users and harness innovation, information, capacities, and variety of business endeavours. As crowdsourcing is different from other business strategies, organisations are often unsure as to how to best structure different crowdsourcing activities and integrate them with other organisational business processes. To manage this problem, we design a process model guiding how to establish business process crowdsourcing. The model consists of seven components covering the main activities of crowdsourcing processes, which are drawn from a knowledge base incorporating diverse knowledge sources in the domain. The built model is evaluated using case studies, suggesting the adequateness and utility of the model.

Keywords Business Process Crowdsourcing; Crowdsourcing; Design Science; Process Model